Drinking fresh juices made from all kinds of fruits and vegetables is a healthy habit especially because these juices contain a wide range of natural nutrients. But, although any juice extractor can deliver delicious drinks, finding the best juice maker is essential if you want to get juices rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers.

Undoubtedly, the high number of juice extractor reviews accessible online can help you find out important details regarding particular types of juicers. However, since most reviews tend to focus on the features of specific juice extractors, they fail to explain the things you should consider prior to purchasing any of the juice makers available today. To get started, you should know that juice makers are divided into the following categories:

Types Of Juice Extractors

Manual Juicers: A notable advantage of using a manual juice maker is that it preserves the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables, allowing you to get high-quality, nutritious juices. Furthermore, it’s quiet and easy to clean. Although all these benefits can convince you to purchase such a juicer, you should know that it might be limited to specific types of fruits and vegetables.

Cold Press Juicers: These juicers produce juice by compressing fruits and vegetables. The cold press juice extractor is quieter compared to other devices; protects the natural nutrients and enzymes from the harmful effects of oxidation and heat; yields more juice than other juice makers; and is usually able to perform other food processes, including making nut butters and pasta. Its top disadvantages relate to long preparation times and high price tags.

Centrifugal Juicers: These juice makers don’t only generate large quantities of juice at once and separate the juice from the pulp completely, but are also cheaper and easier to use than the cold press juicers. Similar to the aforementioned juice makers, these devices come along with specific disadvantages, such as high noise levels and the possibility of lowering the nutritional value of the juice by extracting nutrients inefficiently and introducing oxygen and heat.

A succinct analysis of these options can help you take a decision regarding the type of juicer you need. However, this doesn’t mean that the juicer you intend to purchase is the best one.

How To Find The Right Juice Extractor

The following lines explain several tips you should take into account when searching for the right juice maker.

Look Out for Features

: The best juicers are those that extract juice quickly and maintain the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables. Evidently, the machine you intend to purchase should also be easy to clean. Keep in mind that a juicer doesn’t have to be very expensive to include these three features.

Check Brands

: Another tip to get a high-quality juicer is to check various brands. When doing this, you should look for honest customer comments regarding different manufacturers and products. These comments can help you discover the most efficient and durable juice makers.

Consider the Warranty

: The top producers offer long warranties, which almost guarantee that their juicers will work perfectly for many years. A great thing about getting an extended warranty is that it covers any repairs and replacements during the stipulated period.

Some other aspects to consider before buying a juice extractor include whether you’ll juice leafy greens and small berries or not; you prefer water-based or thick juices; you intend to process small or large amounts of fruits and vegetables at once; and evidently, whether your budget allows you to get an expensive or a cheap alternative.