Breville JE900 Juice Fountain Review – Your Powerful Juicer

Health conscious people are now changing their usual diet.Instead of consuming barrels of soda and soft drinks a day, they are now switching to fresh fruit juice, which was time consuming and difficult to make before. But with Breville JE900 Juice Fountain, anyone can now have his favorite fresh fruit juice in just a few seconds.


All that is needed to be done is to wash the fruit and feed it whole to the juicer. No time is wasted on peeling and chopping the fruits into small pieces.

This wonder juice maker is another product of Breville, the leading manufacturer of kitchen appliances and is one of this company’s most innovative product.

Price and Features

Brand new Breville JE900 Juice Fountain Juice Extractor is now sold by Amazon at $246.99 dollars while used ones are priced at $199.00. With its low price, this device is a good buy, considering its excellent features:

·         Powered with 600 watt motor that can produce a quart of juice in one minute
·         Very easy to clean

·         Has extra wide feed tubes to accommodate whole or big chunks of fruits
·         Has large pulp container
·         Has a very fine strainer

Who is it for?

Everybody will simply love this juice extractor because of its high and quality performance.  There is no doubt why restaurant and snack bar owners as well as home makers would find this appliance very useful and convenient.

Pros and Cons

Its capacity and speed is one of the most lovable character trait of this juicer. Added to that is its ability to pour down seed-free, pulp free and froth free fruit drink. These are all automatically separated from the juice during extraction and pouring, hence, making you enjoy a drink without trying to spit out seeds or pulps or without having your mouth surrounded by a froth that will make you look like a clown. It works fast and efficiently and can make more juice in a minute. With Breville JE900 there is no need to worry about having many family members or guests or having a long line of customers waiting to quench their thirst. With this featured item, you can satisfy them all. Although it needs to be assembled after delivery, doing it is quiet easy. The gadget can be cleaned up in a few minutes.

However, the contraption could be a little bit noisy for many. Yet, with its great price and great performance, the issue about noise becomes trivial.

Why you should buy it

There are many reasons why people prefer to buy this juice extractor. First, it lessens time for preparing the drink because you don’t need to peel or remove seeds from the fruits; you can just put them to the feeder whole. Second, you get the maximum amount of juice because it never stops unless the fruits are squeezed dry. Third, it has a very appealing price.


Breville JE900 Juice Fountain Juice Extractor is a powerful juicer that can easily meet the amount you need to prepare. It can accommodate whole fruits and still, perform well. With this high performing companion, you can make fruit juices nonstop for business or for your personal consumption. Make Breville a permanent resident in your home.

Cuisinart CJE-1000 Review – Your Reliable Juicer

If you want to prepare fresh juice for breakfast look no further than the Cuisinart CJE 1000 Juice Extractor. This featured item is powered by a 1000 watt motor that barely makes a noise while busily doing its work. It is made by Cuisinart, another leader in the field of producing kitchen appliances. It does not create much noise when turned on, ensuring that you will not be waking up the whole household while preparing their healthy and nutritious drinks. This device can make fruit juices for you at a speed you can never imagine.


Price and Features

It is now available at Amazon at a very low price. From its original $365.00 tag price, now, you can have it for only $149.00. This product has the following features:

  • powered by 1000 watt motor
  • has a blue LED dial for selecting speed
  • has a spout that is adjustable
  • has filter basket that reduces foam
  • can be washed using dishwasher
  • has 2 liter pulp container
  • comes with 1 quart juice pitcher and cleaning brush

Who is it for?

People who want to drink healthy fruit juices will find CJE 1000 Juice Extractor a friendly and easy to handle companion in the kitchen. Its huge capacity also makes it ideal for those who want to operate a small business selling fresh juice. Snack bars and restaurant owners will also find this a profitable addition to the gadgets they use in their business.

Pros and Cons

The juice extractor is easy to use and clean. It does not make much noise even if it is working at a great speed. It has a spacious filter basket and pulp container to ensure that juice comes out without any bits and pieces of fruit peel, pulp or seeds. The adjustable speed enables it to do its job well either with easy to squeeze fruits and those that are hard. It has also a control that prevents dripping. Hence, you can use it without messing up your immaculately clean table top.

The only downside of this electronic device is that it does not squeeze the fruits or vegetables hard and dry. Sometimes, a considerable amount of juice could still be extracted from the pulp. Also, there are instances when it refuses to budge when fed with whole or big cuts of fruits and vegetables. So, to ensure that it will work well, it is better to cut first whatever you want to put in there before going to work.

Why you should buy it

At the low price it is offered, buying Cuisinart CJE 1000 Juice Extractor will notbe too heavy on your budget. You are assured of a tool that will perform well for you. With this appliance in your kitchen, you save time and energy. You also make things easier for you, especially when some members of your family would ask you to prepare a healthy drink for them. With its very low price, what you gain from using it is more than enough to commensurate for the amount you paid for it.


With this Juice Extractor, you are assured of fresh, abundant and high quality juice at all times.

Breville BJE510XL Juice Extractor Review – Keeps You Healthy

For a family committed to eating and drinking healthy all the time, Breville BJE510XL Ikon Juice Extractor must be an inseparable companion. Many people have committed to stay away from bottled drinks but because they have no time to prepare fresh fruit juice, they return to their usual ways easily.

With this featured product, you will always have a reliable partner that will help keep you healthy. It extracts juice faster and better and it is not as noisy as other juicer you have encountered so far. Produced by Breville, this contraption is elegant, user friendly, handy and efficient.


Price and Features

It is now sold at Amazon at a much lower price of $199.99 dollars compared to the usual $249.99. Despite the low price, this contraption comes with the following features:

  • powered by 900 watts motor
  • has 5 speed juice extractor
  • has a speed of 6,500 to 12,500 rpm for maximum extraction
  • has 3-inch circular feed tunnel
  • has a backlit control panel
  • can be washed using dishwasher
  • has detachable spout
  • comes with a brush

Who is it for?

People who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle by drinking natural fruit juices will benefit from buying it. Likewise, homemakers who want to keep their family healthy, strong and less prone to diseases will be eager to own this kitchen appliance.

Pros and Cons

There are many benefits that one can gain from this electronic gadget. First, this gadget makes juice at a great speed. The adjustable dial allows you to suit the speed with the kind of fruit or vegetable you are squeezing in order to have the best results. Tender and naturally juicy items will be good for speed dry and hard fruits and vegetable would require a higher speed. Second, the juice extracted is of finer quality because the pulp and other byproducts are separated while the juice is being extracted.  So, you get a pulp-free juice that is ready to drink. Third, with this juicer you maximize juice extraction because this appliance will not stop squeezing for as long as liquid can still be extracted from the pulp. Lastly, it is easy to use and wash.

The whole item can be used in a dishwasher without fear of destroying some parts. It is also more quiet that other juice maker brands. The juicer has its downsides too. Although it is said that it can tackle and squeeze whole fruits, cutting them into pieces before loading them in the juice maker will be better. Some parts are difficult to clean thoroughly because they are simply out of reach.

Why you should it

There are several reasons for buying this featured product. First, it makes one’s work easier, faster and more convenient. In fact, you can relax while waiting for your juice extractor to finish its task. The juice extractor makes things easier for you. Juice extraction can be taxing to do manually and with this device, you’ll get the most amount of juice with the finest quality.


Having a Breville BJE510XL Ikon Juice Extractor at your own home is something you must consider important. With this instrument in your hand, you make drinks for the whole world.

Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain Review – Powerful, Practical Yet Attractive

Most people do not realize the importance of keeping their health in check until they get sick and the doctor recommends that they do so. There are some simple ways to keep healthy that help to eliminate health risks in the future. Taking healthy freshly blended juice is one of them. People are adapting to the habit of taking home made juice from vegetables and fruits.

Getting the right juicer can be hard since there are a big range of juicers in the market. You need one that is powerful, good quality, long lasting, easy to operate and clean, and can yield a good amount of juice. The Breville BJE200XL by Breville is an example of such a juicer.


It is a 700-watt model that functions at 14,000 RPM hence providing you with fast results and maximum extraction. It produces an 8- ounce cup of juice in five seconds only. It is fitted with a dual knife unit against a micro mesh filter which is made out of stainless steel. They center the fruit and strategically cut, filter and mince into fine particles that are then sieved through the filter producing smooth and fresh juice.

Price and Features

The juice extractor is affordable and available in the market. Get one for at the online shop from as low as $99.95.  Check for the following product features;

  • Measurements: 9.5 by 8.75 by 16 inches
  • 14000 RPM, 700 watt motor for maximum operation
  • A centered knife assembly for its heavy duty compact juice fountain
  • 3- Inch extra large centered feed tube  and Stainless steel micromesh filter
  • Removable easy to clean parts with additional custom made cleaning brush

Who is it for?

It is suitable for all households. Anybody can use it including young teens and senior citizens. It is a good appliance to have in the house for healthy juice production, since healthy juice is for everybody.

Pros and Cons

The advantage of this juicer over other juicers is that it has very powerful cutter and filter system that increases the juice yield by 30 percent and it works ten times faster than the others. Its feed tube is big enough to accommodate whole fruits and the parts are easy to disassemble and clean. The Breville BJE200XL Juicer is easy to use and clean hence you can use it as frequently as you wish. It has a big capacity so you can make juice for a large number of people. Its powerful and fast system saves time and energy while giving you a good quality of juice.

The parts are easy to remove and clean, but it is easy to get confused on how to reassemble since they are many. You need to clear your sink before disassembling it in the first days, but you get used to them in time.

Why you should buy it

Juicing is fun and it keeps you healthy. The Juice Fountain is a good investment towards keeping good health.


There is no price enough for an appliance that helps you to stay healthy, but the Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain is an affordable appliance  that lets you consume healthy juices whenever you like.

Koolatron KMJ 01 Total Chef Jucin’ Power Juicer Review – Fresh Juice In A Minute

Choosing the appropriate juicer can be hard since there are many brands in the market. You should look for one that is powerful, reliable, long lasting produces a substantial amount; it should be easy to clean too. Such an example of an excellent juicer is the Koolatron KMJ 01 Total Chef Jucin’. This is a 700-watt unit that operates at 22000 RPMs to produce smooth and fresh juice. It is designed for convenience and maximum service since it has a surgical steel juicing blade that is run by an electric system. It has a safe metal filter which sieves the contents to give a smooth finish to the juice.


It is fitted with a juice collector that has a no drip cap option and a spout for convenient collection. All parts are detachable for cleaning and it works only when you reassemble them and close the lid properly for safety purposes. It shuts off automatically after processing and it has a top notch suction cup technology that ensure sturdy placement on a table surface or kitchen countertop. Detached parts are easy to clean and attach by hand.

Price and features

The juicer is available in the market at affordable prices. If you’re looking to save some bucks head to the online shop wherein you can snap a deal on which you can save nearly $22 bucks. Here is a list of features to look out for;

  • A powerful motor base of 700- watts
  • Safe surgical steel sharp blade
  • Wide chute opening with a metal filter
  • Suction cups for dual speed collector sturdy placement
  • Collections spout with a no drip cap juice collector

Who is it for?

Every household kitchen should have a juicer. Every health specialist recommends that we should have six to eight servings of fruits and vegetables per day to keep healthy. The Koolatron KMJ 01 Total Chef Jucin’ Power Juicer is convenient for everybody who is willing to have a glass of juice at any convenient time.

Pros and Cons

The juicer turns your fruits and veggies into juice in minutes. In addition to being affordable, one can easily use and clean it. It is made of durable and safe material that is rust proof and easy to clean. It also allows you to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables you consume while allowing you to consume a wide variety at the same time.

It is not suitable for processing hard fruits and extra large pieces need pre-cutting before putting in the processor. The filter needs extra care while cleaning it and it needs frequent cleaning.

Why you should buy it

You need not spend more time to get your favorite juice prepared. Its ease of operation allows for the comfort of spending very little time on making any juice of your choice. It is extremely affordable, easy to operate and clean and it produces quality juice.


Get the Koolatron KMJ 01 Total Chef Jucin’ Power Juicer for yourself and enjoy a glass of juice every day to better your health.

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus Juicing Machine Review – Unique, Efficient And Powerful

The Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus Juice Machine is a unique, efficient and powerful juice extractor that is designed to extract every last drop of juice from all kinds of fruits and vegetables. This great juicer has a wide enough feeder chute and a quick enough chopping disc to juice entire apples in merely five seconds. This is quality, efficiency and stability that is hard to find in the juicing market – read on to find out more!


Price and Main Features

The incredible juicer could be yours for $189.00 and displays the following features:

  • 850W powered dual-speed motor
  • Cutting disc of stainless steel – very powerful
  • Parts are designed to be dishwasher safe
  • Safety Locking arm designed
  • LED overload protection
  • Extra wide feeder chute of 3 inches
  • Large pulp holder, filter and juice jug – includes froth separator
  • Recipe booklet included with great recipes

Pros and Cons

The Breville JE98XL is super easy to clean up after and the juicing takes mere minutes – no preparation necessary. This is fantastic for people who do not have the time to spend on making juice in the mornings or during the day. The extra wide feeding chute of the appliance is excellent in saving on preparation time – making washing your fruits and vegetables the only preparation necessary! The product is very simple to reassemble after washing, too. A plastic bag can be placed into the pulp collector to make cleaning extra easy. Also, the pulp is very nice and dry, showing that the juicer really does get out every drop of juice from the fruit and vegetables.

Its application is limited to juicing and nothing else. This machine doesn’t juice leafy greens or wheat grass for that matter. While juicing, chances are the nutrients may get wasted mainly because of the moist pulp. The heat generated may make the juice a tad warmer too. The revolution of the juicer is so fast that some of the enzymes in the fruits or vegetables get destroyed in the juicing process. However, only a fraction of the enzymes are lost. Sometimes, because of the great speed of the discs and the immense pressure within the device, pulp may not make into the basket. But, this is easily cleaned as does not affect the quality of the juice that is produced in any way whatsoever.

Who is it for?

This extractor is especially for those who do not have time to spend on juicing as well as cleaning up. The juicing machine is quick and easy – in both juicing and maintenance.

Why you should buy it?

The Breville juicer is not only of superior quality, but also comes with an exquisite recipe book filled with all the best and most delicious juice recipes that you can have fun and experiment with. Unlike other appliances, this Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus will not break on you or fall short in any of the criteria of a juicer but will offer excellent value for money. Needless to say that it is convenient, efficient and perfect for your kitchen.


Overall, the Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus Juice Machine is a five star buy and it definitely is an appliance worth having in your kitchen. Certainly a recommended and satisfactory buy.

Oklife OKL6063 Review – The Juicer for Everyday Convenience

The Oklife OKL6063 Juice extractor is a fantastic, user-friendly juice extractor that produces incredibly froth free, pulp free juice for optimum enjoyment! For the price of the product, the juicer is of exceptional performance. The housing, the blades and the filter are all constructed from the finest quality stainless steel. Have a read of this review to learn more about this product that is brought to you by Oklife.


Price and Main Features

This juice extractor from Oklife sells at the great price of $169.99 and displays the following incredible features:

  • 7000 – 17000 rpm speed revolution
  • Micromesh filter of stainless steel
  • Stainless steel cutting blade
  • Froth separator built in juice mug
  • Pulp container
  • Parts are dishwasher safe
  • 2 year long product warranty

Pros and Cons

Some juice extractors are of excellent quality but are difficult to operate and also to clean. The OKL6063 Juice extractor relieves you of all these troubles by offering you the most conveniently designed juicer for your use. The juicer takes mere seconds to juice entire fruits and vegetables and produces the most juice possible – leaving the pulp dry and spent. The stainless steel housing of this appliance is excellent and safe. This juicer is sturdy and is sure not to break on you or to give you any leakages or other technical problems. The fact that the sped can be controlled is perfect and convenient because different fruits and vegetables will require different speed settings to produce the optimum juice from them – this all depends on the firmness and the texture of the fruit or vegetable being juiced.

The juicer has a motor that works at an exceptionally high speed; this generates quite a significant amount of noise. However, the juicing is done in seconds – so you won’t have to bear with the racket for long. A small con, if you ask me.

Who is it for?

If you are not one who has the time or effort to have to fuss over a difficult to use machine and one that is difficult to clean – then the Oklife OKL6063 is the perfect product for you. Also, if you are looking for good performance and worth, but don’t want to sprain your wallet – this product is more than suitable and you are guaranteed satisfaction!

Reviewers of all ages feel extremely happy about using this product and report that they didn’t find any trouble right through their period of usage.

Why you should buy it

It is quick, efficient, time-saving, easy to clean and reasonably priced. It is an overall very convenient product that is hard to come by in the market. The appliance is priced very reasonably and it is very difficult to find such high quality with such a low price tag.


This great juicer is a buy that is definitely worth as you will end up saving on your time, your effort, your patience and even your produce! With this juicer, it is easy and quick to get out the best of your produce before your fruit and vegetables go bad. Definitely a good buy for the long run.

Breville 800CPXL Die-Cast Motorized Citrus Press Review – Australian Company In The Forefront Of The Juicing World

Juicers of every shape and size seem to be on the market nowadays and it is quite difficult to decide which features you really need when purchasing one. But let us face it; we all need an effective juicer.

With the Breville 800CPXL you get just a juicer with no fancy extras. You are paying for one item that does what it promises. The one size juice cone makes an immediate impression as it means all sizes of fruit can be inserted.


This is produced by an Australian company Breville group limited which is expanding worldwide.

Price and Features

This juicer is available from at the $189.99 plus free shipping. This gives you a saving of $50

  • This is a citrus juicer in brushed stainless which makes for easier cleaning.
  • This motor is powerful and industrial strength.  The arm has built in sensors making it keep track of the position and the fruit.
  • The large cone for feeding in the fruit will take any size of fruit and gets all the juice out.
  • Two different filters for the pulp. It also has a dust cover to fit the machine.
  • The parts are dishwasher safe
  • It comes with a one year warranty

Who is it for?

This is a machine which can be used by any age group and provided you wash it immediately I don’t foresee a problem.

Pros and Cons

There are several good points about this Citrus Press as it is a good looker which means I don’t need to hide it in a cupboard. Putting fruit in the cone is very quick and easy although I found it better to cut it up a bit. It is fast to work with and I can be drinking my morning juice in a few minutes. It handles all types of fruit without having to change anything which makes it easier to juice a variety at one time.  While juicing I did get a little splattering of the juice but this was easy to handle. The handle on the machine seems to have been an add-on item and isn’t the heavy duty cast of the rest of the machine.

Altho it’s sturdy and attractive design is pleasing n the eye, its weight could have been a lot lesser. The fact that the number of parts is low seems to be very good but the quality of internal gears made of plastic is a still a big botheration for many. It makes juice efficiently and although it does splatter a little it is not a major problem. Fruit appears to be handled better if cut into smaller segments which it a little time consuming.

Why you should buy it

It s an extremely stylish bold looking and efficient machine in spite of the few minor problems which I am sure are being attended to.


So far this is working extremely well and giving several glasses of juice on a daily basis. It is fairly simple to clean in spite of the lid and overall I am happy with the Breville 800CPXL Die Cast Motorized Citrus Press.

Acme Juicerator Review – Top Notch Juicing For A Top Price

The Acme Juicerator Juice Extractor is a top-quality juicer that produces flavorful, nutritious and pure fruit and vegetable juice – quickly and easily! You can be sure to expect to find the Acme promise of quality in this product. For the price of this product, you receive priceless and exceptional standard of performance and design. This juicer is sturdy and reasonably convenient and is perfectly suitable for everyday use.


Coming out of the factory of one of the oldest juice makers in the world, Acme, this product is being talked about for being a simple combination of stainless steel device and a high power motor, which is good enough to put out pure juice without no hassle.

Price and Features

Most juicers are extremely expensive, but lack in quality and in other criteria that need to be met. This incredible Acme Juicer is available for the price of $198.83 and displays the following fantastic features:

  • 550W Induction Motor (Vibration free)
  • Stainless steel juicing blade and internal mechanisms
  • Centrifugal Force for separation
  • Citrus attachment
  • Polycarbonate product Housing
  • Parts are dish-washer safe
  • Recipes are included with the instruction leaflet
  • Motor has a 5 year warranty

Who is it for?

It is for anybody who is looking for a juicer that will produce clear, quality fruit juice, without any pulp or seeds or sort of residue. If you are somebody who values stability and endurance in a product, then you will be very satisfied with this product.

Pros and Cons

It is incredibly durable and endures many long years of frequent use. The advantage of the citrus attachment is that you can make great orange, lemon or grapefruit juices for breakfast and for the kids to take to school. This juicer’s blades can blend any fruit or vegetable as it is designed to be strong and sturdy, and very sharp.

The machine is very heavy and bulky and can be cumbersome. It is also noisy while it operates, but the result is well worth the noise that it takes to achieve. The machine uses filter sheets, which need to be changed and cleaned regularly; else the juice does not come out. This can be a nuisance for some people. The juicer can also be a mission to clean.

Why you should buy it

It is able to juice any vegetable or fruit – of any texture: hard, soft, leafy, solid or mushy. It can all be turned into pure, clear juice by this wonderful machine. With a product from Acme, you know you can expect only the best quality.


It certainly buys good points on the durability front, but on the ergonomics of the product and the level of hassle required for maintenance, it does drop quite a bit too. However, it is the overall result that has to be taken into consideration – and when it comes to appliances such as juicers, the durability of the internal mechanisms and the level of difficulty in use is what really counts. For this reason, the Acme Juicerator Juice Extractor takes top choice because it is exceptionally durable and is simple to use – and quick, too!

Dr. Weil 9804 The Healthy Kitchen 80-Watt Juicer Review – Quality Juicer For Quality Performance

The Dr. Weil 9804 The Healthy Kitchen Juice Extractor is a very aesthetically pleasing appliance, with a high-powered motor and stainless steel ergonomics. It is certainly a durable, sturdy and user-friendly juicer – most definitely built for frequent use and for any fruit or vegetable.


This product comes with a superior citrus juicer- which has a stainless steel cup- that is designed to deliver high performance. It also has a stainless steel housing which accounts for better longevity than other products on the market. Its 80 watt motor cranks out enough power to do all the crushing. The blades make sure that the extraction is thorough and complete before the system ejects the pulp automatically.

Price and Main Features

This great juicer is available for the price of $119.00 and is an exceptional product with the following great features:

  • Stainless steel juice cup
  • Stainless steel juicing blades
  • Easy to use serving spout with anti-drip technology
  • Cord storage is convenient and safe
  • Comes with a one year long warranty
  • Dish-washer safe parts
  • Durable machine housing

Who is it for?

It is the perfect juicer for the professional looking kitchen and for those who want a stylish look, feel and design to the product. This juicer certainly carries that off well.

Pros and Cons

The power of this machine is stronger than the average juicer, so the machine is more efficient and quick in producing juice. Aesthetically, the juicer takes first place on the juicer front – it is sleek and stylishly designed with an exceptional professional look for your kitchen. The juicer is also not as loud as some juicers that are available on the market, a trait that many users appreciate. The fact that the juicer is constructed from dish-washer safe parts ensures easy cleaning of the machine.

The base of the machine is slightly narrow, so the machine does have a tendency to be slightly wobbly at times. The reamer edges of the machine are rounded, so they do not pierce and penetrate the fruit as easily as some juicers. The machine is not entirely automatic because it is required of you to manually press the fruit onto the reamer as the juicer does its juicing.

Why you should buy it?

The juicer is a good choice basically because it has been designed exceptionally well and has been manufactured with customer convenience in mind – so it is very easy to use and to clean and maintain.


Yes, there are cheaper juicers on the market, and yes, there are also more expensive juicers on the market. But the price of the Dr. Weil 9804 The Healthy Kitchen Juice Extractor does not hold true for its priceless durability and its great performance, so you cannot compare the price of this product to others and think that you are doing a fair job of evaluating the product. This juicer is worth shelling out a little more cash for, and it is not less of a performer than those that are more expensive. It is a worthy buy, and a highly recommended one, too.